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Trump initiatives

Today happens to be the eco strike: Trump grants tariff exemptions to plastic straws, dog leashes and more from China Must be some defense agreement no one else knows about: Trump sanctions Iran’s central bank in wake of strikes on Saudi oil facilities No end to tariffs in sight, and no interest ...Read More

New home sales, Manufacturing surveys, Trump on Fed, Pence, Turkey

Up some for the month, but remain weak and depressed historically, especially on a per capita basis: Manufacturing surveys continue to forecast weakness: I think what he wants rate cuts because he (and most everyone else) believes that will make the dollar go down which he further believes will reduce the trade ...Read More

Japan, China, Housing starts

The global trade collapse from tariffs continues: They all have it backwards- it’s the 5th deadly innocent fraud- as the great global trade collapse continues: Blackstone’s Schwarzman: China’s economic ‘miracle’ came at the expense of the US and the West “That leads the developed world to say to China: ‘We’ve got to ...Read More

Industrial production, China, NY Fed

Up a bit this month but the chart isn’t looking promising: New York Fed’s New SCE Household Spending Survey Shows Expected Growth Of Household Spending Will Slow Today, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Center for Microeconomic Data updated its Survey of Consumer Expectations (SCE) Household Spending Survey, which provides information ...Read More

NY manufacturing, China

Not good: ...Read More

Retail sales, Consumer Sentiment, Rails, Sea containers, Wholesale sales, Employment, Hours worked

Up a bit but still looking a lot lower than a few months ago: “Deep in contraction” Analyst Opinion of Container Movements Simply looking at this month versus last month – there were only marginal changes to weak numbers. The year-over-year rate of growth improved for imports and marginally worsened for exports. ...Read More

JOLTS, Consumer credit, Las Vegas visitors

Rolling over: Rolling over: Rolling over: ...Read More

Rail traffic, China, Weather politicization, CNN comments

Contraction: The tariff induced collapse of global trade continues: Politicization of weather forecasting: NOAA staff warned in Sept. 1 directive against contradicting Trump Elliott Management, a top activist shareholder firm, announced Monday that it has a $3.2 billion stake in AT&T. WarnerMedia, which owns CNN, is under AT&T. “Great news that an ...Read More


Still decelerating hard due to the tariffs causing a collapse in global trade: ...Read More

Factory orders, ISM Non Manufacturing, Markit services and composite PMI, ADP, President changes weather forecast chart

Up for the month, but still trending down, and on an inflation adjusted basis still well below the highs of the last cycle: Up for the month, but still trending lower: And lower in this survey with the same type of trend: Up for the month but still trending lower: Clinical… Trump ...Read More