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I am now also emailing my posts directly to my PMC donors at the same time they are emailed for posting on this website. If you wish to be on the list, please make a donation here. ...Read More

Consumer credit, jobless claims, commercial real estate index

Softening: Down more than expected. This is for the week ending Sep 4, as federal benefits expired. Lots of federal spending expiring: Commercial real estate index dipping: ...Read More

New Hires, Economic Optimism index, German sentiment

New hires dropped even as job openings rose: Fading fast: ...Read More

Rails, bank loans, unemployment rate

Looking weak: Nothing good happening here: Tiny glimmer of hope here? Lots more unemployment than the headline number: ...Read More

Unemployment claims, trade, vehicle sales

Still way above the 200,000 pre covid levels. Makes me wonder why so many people are still losing jobs: Weaker imports is likely a sign of a weaker US consumer: And oil isn’t much of a factor anymore: This is seriously low as supply issues continue: Dried-Up Inventory Sinks U.S. Light-Vehicle Sales ...Read More

China service sector, Chicago pmi, consumer sentiment

Big slump here: Weakness here as well: Collapse in front of expiring federal unemployment benefits: ...Read More

Unemployment claims, personal income, savings and consumption

This has now fallen back to pre covid levels and is likely to go lower after federal unemployment benefits expire: Expiring benefits after next week could leave a serious shortfall: Federal spending and transfer payments have managed to restore consumption to close to pre covid levels: ...Read More

Pending home sales, Dallas Fed manufacturing index

Last week of federal unemployment benefits: Dallas surprises on the downside, but inline with other indicators: ...Read More

New home sales, Richmond Fed, vehicle sales

Fading back to trend: Falling back: ...Read More

Manufacturing, services, existing home sales

And federal unemployment benefits expire in 2 weeks: Back to about where it was heading pre covid, way below last cycle and not where it was expected to be with record low mortgage rates: ...Read More

Bank loans, rig count, iron ore

Still weak: Coming back slowly, but now oil prices are lower: Lots of spiky commodities like iron ore: ...Read More