Spending bill, Rail traffic, Rig count, Saudi pricing

This alone could add maybe 2% to nominal GDP.
How much real output it adds is another question, of course:

Trump signs massive spending deal into law and ends year’s second government shutdown

Self-professed fiscal hawks in the House also opposed the bill. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated Thursday that it would cost about $320 billion. Most of that would come in the first year.
The deal includes:

  • A $165 billion increase in military spending;
  • A $131 billion boost to domestic program spending;
  • Nearly $90 billion in funding for disaster relief efforts in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico;
  • Two years of funding for community health centers;
  • Another four-year extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, for a total of a decade;
  • Funding for existing infrastructure programs related to transportation, drinking water and broadband.

  • Up again. And it’s looking like may have triggered a Saudi price cut: