Industrial production, Household debt, Business sales and inventories, Container counts, Animal trophies

A dip and a recovery due to the hurricane (as per vehicle sales data), chugging along at modest rates of growth, and still down from high a couple of years back, not adjusted for inflation:

The NY Fed reports household debt growth decelerated in q1, in line with the deceleration in bank lending:

Note the deceleration since January for both of these charts, inline with decelerating bank loan growth:

Analyst Opinion of Business Sales and Inventories

This was a worse month for business sales compared to last month – and inventories remain elevated. Our primary monitoring tool – the 3 month rolling averages for sales – declined and remains in expansion. As the monthly data has significant variation, the 3 month averages are the way to view this series.

Now he’s gone too far…

The Trump administration reversed an Obama-era policy today banning the import of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia. Americans hunting in the African countries will now be permitted to bring back their trophies of the killed animals, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official told ABC News.