This is a major negative. Along with today’s construction report seems to me my narrative of a general deceleration since oil capex collapsed is intact. Particularly the part about no recovery until after deficit spending- private or public- accelerates:


The first hard look at consumer spending in June is negative as unit vehicle sales fell a very sharp 4.6 percent to a 16.7 million annualized rate which, outside of March’s 16.6 million, is the lowest rate since April last year. Sales of North American-made vehicles fell 3.7 percent to a 13.2 million pace from 13.7 million with imports down 5.4 percent to 3.5 million. Data on cars and light truck show similar declines. These results are worrisome, suggesting that consumer spending, which surged in April and proved strong in May, may have slowed sharply in June. Today’s results point to a decline for motor vehicle sales in the June retail sales report, a component that showed strength in the two prior months and was a regular source of retail strength during 2015.