We’re saved! China Harvard educated Liu He on the job!

Got it-
We’re saved!
China has a Harvard grad on the job!!!

Meet Liu He, Xi Jinping’s Choice to Fix a Faltering Chinese Economy

By Bob Davis and Lingling Wei

October 6 (WSJ) — Liu He, male, is of Han nationality. He was born in 1952, studied at the Renmin University of China, Seton Hall University and Harvard University. Liu He is a famous economist who has focused on macroeconomics, industrial structure, new economic theory and the information industry. Liu has been innovative in his research in these fields since 1987. In recent years, he has published 200 articles, three of which won the National 1st Science Award. One of the three articles was commended by the leaders of the State Council. He has also published 4 monographs, including research on the concepts and practice of Chinese Industry Policy, the rapid increase of the Chinese Economy, enterprise management and developing economic theory. Liu He has participated in several international conferences on behalf of the Chinese Government in the field of economic development, the tendency of macroeconomy, new economy research and enterprise management system research. Currently he is the most influential middle-aged economist in China.