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New Govt Office To Advise Small Firms On Consumption Tax

January 16 (Nikkei) — The government plans to set up a new office to provide advice to small businesses that wish to transfer consumption tax increases to the prices of their products and services, prior to the introduction of the 8% tax rate in April 2014, The Nikkei has learned.

Subcontractors are becoming concerned that they may be pressured into not passing tax increases over to their product and service prices, as many of them do not have the advantage in price negotiations.

The new office will address such concerns by helping firms to avoid taking on excessive costs. It will accept inquiries and complaints from throughout Japan by telephone and e-mail.

The Japan Fair Trade Commission will work closely with relevant ministries to inspect companies that are suspected of having rejected requests for price increases from their suppliers. The government also plans to come up with new legislation to impose strict controls on such companies.