Press release, Warren Mosler

For immediate release:

Warren Mosler, candidate, Delegate to Congress, USVI

Christiansted, St. Croix-  Warren Mosler has released part I of his 3 part Action Plan for the USVI.  “With closing of Hovensa, we face the catastrophic loss of thousands of jobs, a drop in population of perhaps 3,000 people, loss of an estimated $100 million of annual revenue for our government, untold private sector business closings, a substantial drop of enrollment in our schools, and many other negative social and economic consequences” said Mosler. ‘I have organized a three part Action Plan that I will be releasing–one part at a time as they are completed.  If we act now, we can mitigate some of the potential negative consequences and begin building a prosperous future for our Virgin Islands.”

Action Plan, USVI

Part I:  Hovensa Response
1.  I propose that we inform Hovensa that if they close the USVI will not permit anyone to reopen the refinery.  This will cause Hovensa to reconsider their decision to close the refinery.  However, and more important, if they do close, the possibility of the refinery reopening will impede the effort to bring new businesses to St. Croix.  That’s because there are many businesses that would not want to be located on a small island like St. Croix with the possibility that the refinery might resume operations.  Refineries make an island like St. Croix less valuable.  I’m sure, for example, no one would think a refinery opening on St. Thomas or St. John would add value to those islands.
2.  I propose that we require that the cleanup begin immediately, even with the oil storage facility in operation.  It is important for the territory’s recovery that the unused portion of the facility be brought back to its original condition as specified in the contract with the USVI government as soon as possible.
3.  I propose that we require that current employees of the refinery and residents of the USVI be given priority for the cleanup jobs.  This will provide a multiyear transition period for the qualifying Hovensa employees and the USVI.
4.  I propose that we determine whether there is any residual equipment at Hovensa that might be useful to the USVI and arrange for its purchase.  The prices should be very attractive.

Part II and Part III will be released over the next several days.

Contact:  Reginald Perry, 340 692 7710