President Obama comments

*DJ Obama: New Debit-Purchase Fees Not ‘Necessarily Fair To Consumers’

How about, US banks are public private partnerships, funded by govt. insured deposits, govt. regulated and supervised, established and sustained to provide public infrastructure for public purpose, and all permitted bank policies will be considered accordingly.

*DJ Obama: China Has Been Very Aggressive In ‘Gaming’ The Trading System
*DJ Obama: China Currency Appreciation Not Sufficient
*DJ Obama Expresses Concerns About China Currency Legislation
*DJ Obama Wants To Make Sure China Currency Bill Doesn’t Thwart WTO Rules

How about the fact that exports are real costs, imports real benefits, and optimizing real terms of trade and all that?

*DJ Obama: Biggest Headwind With US Economy Is Uncertainty With Europe

How about our biggest headwind is we are grossly overtaxed for the size govt. We have an immediate fiscal adjustment, a much larger deficit is in order?

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