How MMT sees the President’s speech

MMT sees the President’s speech the way New Yorker’s would see this speech
if it was given by a New York City Mayor back in the days when they still had subway tokens:

My fellow New Yorkers,

I have a proposal to help our retired NYC workers that you can all pass, and it will be fully paid for.

I propose that all retired NYC workers be given 20 subway tokens per month so that they can better afford to ride the trains.

And to pay for this program, I propose that for every 10 subway tokens we collect at the turnstiles, one token will be set aside to be given to the retirees.

Yes, I know we have a long term token deficit problem, as each year we issue many more tokens than we collect. And as you know, we have established a committee to deal with this by Thanksgiving.

But, as I said, this program will be fully paid for, with tokens set aside as we collect them….

Feel free to distribute.

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