Juncker, EU minister quoted

Juncker, EU minister and erstwhile unofficial IMF policy spokeman:

>   (email exchange)
>   Referring to questions about Greece’s prospects for restructuring in the absence of a
>   stabilization course:

“If the donkey were a cat it could climb a tree. But it is not a cat. Nevertheless, this is a question that worries many people. My answer to it is almost a little theological: I do not believe that this question will ever be asked.”

>   This interview out a couple days ago in Der Spiegel was priceless ( and informative)… he’s
>   being asked about why he denied the emergency meeting rumored some days ago about
>   Greece leaving EMU when it was true…

“SPIEGEL: Are you saying that, as a finance minister in the age of global capital markets, you cannot tell people the truth?

Juncker: I do not have a ready answer to your question…”

Juncker: Greece is not broke.

SPIEGEL: Hope springs eternal.

Full interview here.