euro update and why no one is leaving (yet)

As before, all that’s been done in euro land is highly deflationary.

No new euro will be spent by any govt as a result of the latest goings ons.

In fact, it’s more austerity.

And the ECB continues to do just enough to keep it all muddling through (including dictating that the new facilities be set up and activated) as it dictates terms and conditions.

And with euro zone gdp still growing (modestly) austerity still has room to slow growth before it sends it into reverse.

So why isn’t there more clamor to leave?

Simple, it’s not obvious that the currency arrangements per se are the problem.

Inflation is reasonably low, and interest rates are low, so (to the uninformed, non MMT world) how can that be the problem?

For most, the problem is obvious- same old story- their corrupt, worthless, self serving govts grossly over spent, dished it out to their banker buddies, insiders, etc., on most everything they were involved in, and now the entire nation is paying the price.

And thank goodness there were market forces in place to shut them down and stop them from turning it all into a Weimar scenario!

And this time at least they haven’t had the usual massive inflation where everyone loses their purchasing power, including those still working.

For example, those in Spain with savings can buy a lot more house than before.

The ‘good’ (prudence is considered a virtue) have sort of been rewarded.


And look how good Germany has it.

Unemployment down to 7%, driven by exports, no inflation, and they have near total fiscal domination/control (via the ECB) over the other members where they get to force austerity.

What more could they ask for?

It’s their dream come true.

So it could soon be back to strong euro, slowing growth, muddling through, until they push too far.

But even negative growth is sustainable without insolvency for as long as the ECB keeps funding it all.

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