He’s Got My Vote

Yesterday I was driving into New York City for a couple of meetings, and I heard an old friend from the business being interviewed by Kathleen Hays on Bloomberg Radio.

I was amazed that Warren Mosler is running for Chris Dodd’s seat in the US Senate.

I thought his business interests in Florida and the US Virgin Islands would keep him from coming back to New England, but maybe he’s getting a jump on future northward migration from global warming.

Warren was a “blogger” on economic and market topics before there was blogging. Besides making the fastest sports car on the planet, he used to pen columns on the economy, the market, and government policy before we even used the internet to communicate.

His position papers and thought pieces that were very popular with professionals in the bond business throughout the late 80’s and 90’s, so I suppose it’s no surprise to find him sharing his thoughts on the web today.

I’ll be contacting the campaign to see how I can help.



Howard Hill is a former Wall Street mortgage finance “rocket scientist” who invented a number of successful bond structuring techniques and analytic tools in the 1980’s and 1990’s. He headed research, finance, sales and trading groups at major Wall Street houses in the first half of his career, and became a customer for Wall Street in the new Millennium, analyzing and buying the same kinds of bonds he used to create. In addition to scores of mortgage deals, he structured the first securitized deals with apartment building loans, nursing home loans, mobile home park mortgages, computer leases, life insurance policyholder loans and Argentine mortgages.