Obama Meets Asian Bankers Who May Call His Loan

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Keeps getting worse, as we think we need them and continue to kowtow to their demands:

Obama Meets Asian Bankers Who May Call His Loan: William Pesek

By Deborah Solomon and Jonathan Weisman

Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) — Global recession. Free trade. Security. Climate change. Afghanistan. Iraq. North Korea.

Barack Obama sure has lots to discuss on his maiden voyage to Asia as U.S. president. Yet all this is just conversation compared with the real issue on Asia’s mind: a wobbly dollar that’s putting the region’s money at risk.

Think of this trip as a visit to America’s banker, and an unpleasant one. Asia wants assurances that the U.S. can repay its fast-mounting debt and prevent a dollar crash. The reality dawning on Asia is that Obama can’t offer them such a pledge — not with U.S. borrowing so out of control.