ISM (non-Mfg)

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seems second quarter earnings should be better than expected and that costs are way down which will
add to profitability even with flattish sales.

and very wide net interest margins will support bank earnings growth even with low volume and continuing losses.

this can be a very good environment for stocks.

Karim writes:

Details a bit firmer than headline.

Overall, still contracting at a slower rate.

June May
Composite 47.0 44.0
Activity 49.8 42.4
Prices paid 53.7 46.9
New Orders 48.6 44.4
Employment 43.4 39.0
Export Orders 54.5 47.0
Imports 47.0 46.0

“Business has improved and holding steady.” (Arts, Entertainment & Recreation)

“Activity level is flat. Clients are delaying capital spending decisions.” (Professional, Scientific & Technical Services)

“Economy may be stabilizing. Second half looks more positive than first half.” (Information)

“Have begun spending government stimulus funding, and expect conditions to gradually improve in the near future.” (Public Administration)

“Occupancy levels continue to increase at a slow pace.” (Accommodation & Food Services)

“Activity is still slow and little has changed since last month.” (Wholesale Trade)


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