Swiss National Bank confirms beggar thy neighbor policy

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AKA, “Beggar Thy Neighbor” policy straight from the book.

SNB’s Jordan says Franc Can’t be Allowed to Strengthen Further

by Dermot Doherty

Mar 22 (Bloomberg) — The Swiss franc can’t be allowed to appreciate further as “excessive” strength would put Switzerland’s export industry at a “disadvantage” and threaten the country with higher unemployment, Sonntag reported, citing Swiss National Bank board member Thomas Jordan.

The SNB’s decision this month to purchase corporate bonds is aimed at reducing the risk premium by narrowing the spreads on such debt instruments, Jordan said in an interview in today’s

“We are facing a severe recession” and need to be “unconventional” in dealing with it, Jordan said. The SNB will expand the money supply “as strongly as is needed” to prevent deflation, according to the newspaper.