From a memo from Paul Saunders

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Paul runs James River Capital Corp and sent this out today:

Everyone, including our public officials running this country, think in terms of the private sector and not the public sector. They are so used to running their own businesses or their own lives, that they are unable to think in terms of how the government works. The private sector, you and me, needs to borrow money or earn money in order to spend. The public sector never needs to earn money or borrow money. The Government prints US dollars and only the Government is able to print US dollars making the US Government the monopoly producer of US dollars. It is strange that so many smart people struggle with this concept. Every dollar that the government spends ends up in the private sector. The only way that those dollars are reduced is if the government taxes those dollars back from you. If the government taxes more than it spends then the Government runs a surplus and the private sector is depleted of its savings which eventually leads to a contraction in the economy. If they spend more than they tax then they run a deficit and the private sector increases its financial savings and this is stimulative to the economy.


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