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Construction Spending MoM (Sep)

Survey -0.8%
Actual -0.3%
Prior 0.0%
Revised 0.3%

Better than expected and last month revised up.
Seems real estate is the only sector doing better than expected.


Construction Spending YoY (Sep)

Survey n/a
Actual -6.6%
Prior -6.6%
Revised n/a

Still looking down, but seems to be leveling off.


Construction Spending TABLE 1 (Sep)


Construction Spending TABLE 2 (Sep)


ISM Manufacturing (Oct)

Survey 41.0
Actual 38.9
Prior 43.5
Revised n/a

Fell off a cliff.


ISM Prices Paid (Oct)

Survey 48.0
Actual 37.0
Prior 53.5
Revised n/a

Also a very large drop.


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