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2008-05-29 GDP

GDP QoQ Annualized (1Q P)

Survey 0.9%
Actual 0.9%
Prior 1.5%
Revised 1.7%

Staying clear of recession levels.
Looking like Q4 was the bottom of this move.


2008-05-29 Personal Consumption

Personal Consumption (1Q P)

Survey 1.0%
Actual 1.0%
Prior 1.0%
Revised n/a

As expected, not collapsing as feared, yet.


2008-05-29 GDP Price Index

GDP Price Index (1Q P)

Survey 2.6%
Actual 2.6%
Prior 2.6%
Revised n/a

Not good, and pipeline pressures continuing to build.


2008-05-29 Core PCE QoQ

Core PCE QoQ (1Q P)

Survey 2.2%
Actual 2.1%
Prior 2.2%
Revised n/a

A little better than expected.

But trend looking up.


2008-05-29 Initial Jobless Claims

Initial Jobless Claims (May 24)

Survey 370K
Actual 372K
Prior 365K
Revised 368K

Seems to be leveling off.

Fiscal package should help.


2008-05-29 Continuing Jobless Claims

Continuing Claims (May 17)

Survey 3060K
Actual 3104K
Prior 3073K
Revised 3068K

Lagging indicator, still trending higher, but still far below recession levels.


2008-05-29 Help Wanted Index

Help Wanted Index (Apr)

Survey 19
Actual 19
Prior 19
Revised n/a

Indicator of soft jobs markets.