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2008-05-13 Import Price Index MoM

Import Price Index MoM (Apr)

Survey 1.6%
Actual 1.8%
Prior 2.8%
Revised 2.9%

Alarming to the Fed.


2008-05-13 Import Price Index YoY

Import Price Index YoY (Apr)

Survey 15.0%
Actual 15.4%
Prior 14.8%
Revised 14.9%

Alarming to the Fed.


2008-05-13 Advance Retail Sales

Advance Retail Sales (Apr)

Survey -0.2%
Actual -0.2%
Prior 0.2%
Revised n/a

As expected, but composition surprised on the upside.


2008-05-13 Retail Sales Less Autos

Retail Sales Less Autos (Apr)

Survey 0.2%
Actual 0.5%
Prior 0.1%
Revised 0.4%

Way better than expected, and prior revised higher as well.  Consumer alive and well.


2008-05-13 Business Inventories

Business Inventories (Mar)

Survey 0.4%
Actual 0.1%
Prior 0.6%
Revised 0.5%

Another pleasant surprise that means Q1 GDP gets revised up a bit more.


ABC Consumer Confidence (May 11)

Prior -46