mmt euro discussion origins

This is from Pavlina’s paper for those of you tracing origins of MMT euro discussion:

Link here.

Notice how in private correspondence Mosler applies the same logic in analyzing the ramifications of the restrictions on deficit spending in the current plan for European Monetary Union:

Operating factors will require reserve adds and drains to keep the system in balance and maintain control of the interbank rate. However, the ECB is able only to act defensively, like all CBs [Central Banks]. It cannot proactively lend Eurosa reserve add, without an offsetting drain. The deficit spending I refer to is needed to offset the need of the private sector to be a net nominal saver in Euros. In the currently proposed system, even the increasing demand for currency in circulation must be accommodated via collateralized loans from the ECB. Net nominal wealth of the system cannot increase. The private sector demand for an increase in net nominal wealth will have to be from the reverse happening at the member nation level. If member nations are restricted from doing this [to deficit spend], a vicious deflationary spiral will result. (Mosler, 1996)

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4 Responses to mmt euro discussion origins

  1. PZ says:

    Is it safe to say that for every financial pension asset there must be equivalent liability elsewhere in the system, because in the accounting sense all financial liabilites and assets net to zero?



    yes, including govt as part of the system


  2. Hoonose says:

    We felt it.
    We just didn’t know how to operationally describe it.
    Or at least I didn’t.


  3. Le Chiffre says:

    Spot on from the start!


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