Greece’s Tsipras: We Want Euro, but Not Austerity

As previously discussed, for all practical purposes there is no political support for leaving the euro. The various populations simply do not trust their own governments with their currency:

Greece’s Tsipras: We Want Euro, but Not Austerity

By Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Jennifer Leigh Parker

May 10 (CNBC) — The head of Greece’s Radical Left Coalition, Alexis Tsipras, told CNBC Thursday that he will “go as far as I can” to keep Greece in the euro zone, despite declaring earlier this week that the Greek bailout agreement is “null and void” and should be abandoned.

Tsipras (pronounced SEE-Pras), who was unable to form a coalition government this week after his party came second in Sunday’s election, said a Greek exit from the euro zone would be “disastrous.”

Tsipras said he is willing to negotiate with the so-called troika — the International Monetary Fund , the European Union, and theEuropean Central Bank — to keep Greece in the euro zone.

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