EU’s Response to Crisis Will ‘Convince People,’ Van Rompuy Says

See below, seems 75% still support the euro vs trusting their own leaders with their own currency.

Also, unfortunately, the non MMT world pretty much still fails to grasp that mass unemployment is a macro problem and a manifestation of unspent income. That the only way the output gap gets filled is by some sector spending more than its income; and that the issuer of the currency is the only entity that isn’t inherently revenue constrained when it spends.

EU’s Response to Crisis Will ‘Convince People,’ Van Rompuy Says

May 9 (Bloomberg) — European Union President Herman Van Rompuy said the EU’s response to the sovereign-debt crisis will “convince people” of the value of being in the 27-nation bloc.

“We will convince people of the sense and the meaning of EU membership by results,” Van Rompuy said in a question-and- answer session posted on the Euronews website today. “That’s why we have to stabilize the euro zone and that’s why we have to increase economic growth and create jobs.”

“There is still a huge majority in most of the countries for membership of the European Union and the euro zone,” Van Rompuy said. “Even in Greece, I saw an opinion poll just before the election which said that 75 percent of people don’t want to leave the euro zone.”