Homeowners Plan

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Glad they’re finally coming around!

Would have been nice to have offered this two years ago before a few million people had no choice but to leave and take down the neighborhood with them.

>   (email exchange)
>   Hi Warren,
>   Treasury plan to allow foreclosed homeowners to stay in their homes.

Administration Weighs More Foreclosure Aid

By Renae Merle

July 17 (Washington Post) — A top Treasury Department official told a Senate panel yesterday that the government is considering a proposal to allow homeowners to stay in their home as renters after a foreclosure.

>   I am a huge fan of the bottom up recovery plans.
>   I still wonder why this was not implemented at the
>   beginning. We could have given a few hundred billion
>   to Americans and had this crisis already over!

Problem remains they still don’t understand the monetary system or the function of federal taxation.