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Mike Norman Economics

Some thoughts

If we ever enact a balanced budget amendment, take yourself and your family and move to Canada or China.

Obama believes the U.S. has “run out of money.” Scary. Our president doesn’t understand our own monetary system. Even George Bush understood this.

Any country that spends in its own currency, where that currency is not backed by gold or bound by some fixed exchange can NEVER run out of money!

We are ceding our position as the world’s largest economy to China because of stupid policies that are based on myth and fallacy.

The demise of GM was not due to putting workers’ interests over the company and shareholders. It was precisely the opposite!

The easiest way to lower “debt” (if that’s what you want to do) is to sustain full output and employment.

If the private sector can’t sustain full output and employment for whatever reason, then gov’t should!

Here in America we mock the Europeans as being, “Socialist.” Did anyone notice that Europe’s economy is larger than ours and adding size?

By definition, those Socialist Europeans are richer than us! And they have free health care, education, 6-weeks paid vacations, new cars, homes, movies, culture and all the consumer items that we have, in abundance. Not bad for a bunch of commies!

Our leadership is destroying America’s real terms of trade because of irrational sensitivity to perceived “imbalances.”

We care more about the Chinese standard of living than our own, apparently!

For every debit there is a credit. For every liability there is an asset. For every borrower there is a saver. This is all definitional. It’s double entry accounting! Did anyone in Obama’s administration take an accounting course? Has any Republican taken one? Has any Democrat taken one?