Interview with the BBC

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(email exchange)

Dear David:

Let me refer you to what I call “Mosler’s Law”: There is no financial crisis so deep that a sufficiently large increase in public spending cannot deal with it.

But the European problem is, who can borrow? who can spend?

Solving that problem is the key – the only key – to resolving the crisis.

Regards, James

>   Professor Galbraith,
>   This is David … I’m a BBC Spanish listener. You told that the European
>   Central Bank has not the same solid structure as the banking system in
>   the States. I want to ask you what does Europe has to do to recover
>   from this crisis? Ok, deliver less credits and mortgages maybe, I don’t
>   know, you know it much better than me. But how the recovery will be
>   seen through a decrease in unemployment? what does Spain has to do?
>   Call me David (only 43)
>   Yours sincerely,
>   David …