Inflation – clear and present danger?

Food, fuel, and $/import prices present a triple negative supply shock.

Now gold pushing $900 as LIBOR falls, commercial paper issuance increases, and ‘market function risk’ subsides.

Downside risks to GDP are still not trivial.

Consumer income and desire to spend it may be problematic, and banks and other lenders may further tighten borrowing requirements.

And weaker overseas demand may cool US exports.

Yes, the Fed knows and fears demand MAY weaken, and forecasts lower inflation as a consequence.

But inflation is the clear and present danger, vs an economy that may weaken further

And mainstream economic theory says the cost of bringing down inflation once the inflation cat is out of the bag is far higher than
any near term loss of output incurred in keeping inflation low in the first place.

And the Fed addresses its dual mandate of low inflation and low unemployment with mainstream theory that concludes low inflation is a necessary condition for optimal employment and growth over the long term.