Australia’s Budget Will Make ‘Substantial’ Savings, Swan Says

The names of the nations change but the out of paradigm values are universal:

Australia’s Budget Will Make ‘Substantial’ Savings, Swan Says

By Gemma Daley

May 8 (Bloomberg) — Australia’s budget will make “substantial” savings after revenue was crimped by a record exchange rate, the nation’s costliest natural disasters and Japan’s earthquake, Treasurer Wayne Swan said.

Swan, who delivers the budget to Parliament tomorrow, said yesterday the deficit in the government’s finances will widen in the fiscal year ending June 30 before increased mining revenue and an improving economy help bring about a surplus in 2012-13.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s administration has revealed the budget will tighten welfare payments to get people back into the workforce and cut 1,000 jobs in the civilian defense industry in the next three years. The government also aims to stop high-income earners receiving a subsidy for having private health insurance.

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