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Another good read on the euro situation from Bill Mitchell

Posted by WARREN MOSLER on May 4th, 2012

Why the Eurozone is destined to fail

By Bill Mitchell

5 Responses to “Another good read on the euro situation from Bill Mitchell”

  1. Piero from Italy Says:

    I hope Draghi will be able to force Germany to enable Bce to Print like Fed/Boj.. he will use panic selling to obtain this permission by October 2014 when Ltro3 expire..

    Mitchell suppose an inertia trend without Human Change..
    I think Mitchell’s analisys is correct if Draghi fail..

    see below another related news..


    Piero from Italy


    IMF’s Blanchard: Debt situation in US, Japan as bad or worse than in Europe ( May 3, 2012 )



    roger erickson Reply:

    @Piero from Italy,

    By 2014? Will anything be left to argue over by then?


    Piero Reply:

    @roger erickson,


    from now to 2014 a series of managed growing panic wave will force step by step higher Bce flexibility..

    this is what I hope..



    they may not make it through next week, the way it’s going today…


    Piero Italy Reply:



    US up with wave until Nov. to thank Obama that didn’t have put real limit to Wally Boys (and to place FaceBook = Fee)..
    Eu more scientific panic then US..


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