EU Staff Threaten Strike Action Over Belt-Tightening

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EU Staff Threaten Strike Action Over Belt-Tightening

BRUSSELS (AFP)–European Union staff unions on Friday threatened strike action next week to protest belt-tightening measures as the bloc goes on an austerity diet.

A statement from an “Inter-institutional Joint Front” representing the 55,000 staff across the European institutions has called an assembly on Tuesday following a breakdown in conciliation talks with the European Commission.

European staff wages vary widely: from EUR2,650 per month before tax and social welfare payments, to EUR23,000 gross for each of the 27 national EU commissioners.

Staff are concerned by a bid to overhaul staff rules and by a letter signed by 17 of the 27 EU states that criticizes automatic wage adjustments and links the possibility of wage hikes to the economic situation.

The 17 austerity-driven nations also say an increase in retirement age from 63 to 65 isn’t sufficient.

Staff unions on the other hand criticize working conditions on their Facebook page