Peter Schiff Show

Warren will be on the Peter Schiff Show tomorrow, 11/17/2011, at 10:33 am EST.

Find your local station here, to listen live.

Or stream here.

Otherwise this loop will play for 24 hours after the conclusion of the show.


>   As for topics, I thought we could talk about your piece on inflation failing to manifest
>   despite the dire warnings.

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101 Responses to Peter Schiff Show

  1. Unforgiven says:


    Probably because they mis-timed the crash and didn’t pull their profits offshore before the tsunami smashed them against the AIG building. I’m sure they’ll get it right next time….


  2. Mario says:

    Another fascinating irony with the current strand of quasi-libertarian, gold-bug, inflationistas is that they are both desperately afraid of inflation yet also desperately in favor of less regulation….meaning specifically they do not want to repeal the CFM Act of 2000 and help to stop significantly the speculation in commodities. It’s just insane how some of these issues stack up to me…literally insane.



    which is one reason they can’t find a credible representative for the presidential race


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