ECB Has ‘Serious Concerns’ About Irish Bank Proposals

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ECB Has ‘Serious Concerns’ About Irish Bank Proposals

And they call the shots now.

Trichet Says Euro Remains Credible; States Leaving Is ’Absurd’
EU Nations Violating Deficit Caps May Be Fined Up to 0.5% of GDP

Fines have proven unworkable.

My proposal for annual distributions from the ecb to the member govts on a per capita basis with terms and conditions is far more easily enforceable.

It’s a lot easier politically to withhold payment than to fine and collect.

European financials see dollar funding gap widen

Euro banks in dollars are a higher risk than US banks in dollars so a higher price of funding makes perfect sense to me.

Their deposit insurance is not yet credible, and the ECB has limited ability to lend in dollars.

And it also means none of them should be in the libor basket if their rates exceed US banks.
But they are, and the Fed doesn’t want libor to go up beyond its desired rate targets, so this Fed is likely to again lend unsecured to the ECB and other CB’s for the purpose of keeping libor rates down on an as needed basis.

EU rushes to raise bail-out cash

It will ultimately come from the ECB

German Tax Intake Rises as Recovery Firms, Handelsblatt Reports

Growth that reduces the deficit also slows the expansion

Germany’s robust economy not enough to stop record debt
France’s AAA Grade at Risk as Rating Cuts Spread: Euro Credit

The are all in ponzi (required to borrow to make payments), including Germany.
The ratings agencies seem to be slowly coming around to viewing them as US States,
as they should have done from inception.