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Contest Ending Midnight on Sunday!

Posted by Sada Mosler on October 30th, 2010

Warren has announced new prizes!

First and Second Place: An all inclusive (hotel, food, airfare) to St. Croix, USVI

Third – Tenth Place: Hotel room on the beach AND some meals included


Not only do you get to spend time with Warren on a beautiful Caribbean island, you get to escape from the winter!


Check out the page: for more details about the contest.





1. Art Patten 69
2. Jim Baird 61
3. Stormy 18
4. Charles Yaker 12
5. Tschäff 8
5. Ralph Musgrave 8
7. Jack 5
8. TLGunman / Gunman 4
8. Digger 4
9. Matt Franko 2
9. Mr. E 2
9. Bradshaw 2

9 Responses to “Contest Ending Midnight on Sunday!”

  1. Joe Says:

    Damn, I’m a late to the show. Any chance of resurrecting this contest in the near future? I’m proud to say that I’ve recently been fighting this battle over at Denninger’s forum and elsewhere (in fact, I posted Warren’s $100 million bet in the forum which prompted Denninger’s vitriolic response.)

    Continue to fight the good fight!



    when the dates are announced anyone who wants to pay his own expenses can attend


    Joe Reply:

    Cool, I’ll keep an eye out.


  2. Stormy Says:

    18?!! Warren are you sure some of my hearts didn’t fall into the shredder by accident?

    Jim, Art, Seriously – Get a life for the next 24 hours, okay?

    Approximately 1 in 10 will sandbag.



    one more day to swamp the CT media with MMT messages, thanks!


    Jill K Reply:

    Yay! Go Warren!!


    art Reply:

    Stormy, point taken! I had promised my wife a Carribbean vacation though, so really, it was work. :)


    Stormy Reply:

    Art, glad to see you detected my competitive humor. I meant egg others on in the final stretch. Never know who might be gaining on you!


  3. Dan Gompper Says:

    Just found this corner of the website this afternoon! Won’t make the contest, but I’m going to keep fighting the good fight with MMT responses.

    The economy is a much simpler machine than it seems. MMT explains it all.

    Cheers to the contest winner!


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