defining the modern monetary theory

MMT interview:

Defining the Modern Monetary Theory

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4 Responses to defining the modern monetary theory

  1. Greg says:

    The “right” eye is ignorance.


  2. beowulf says:

    Greg, so which eye is which? :O)

    I thought Warren’s answer was fine, but you just reminded me of the Kucinich slogan, “The eyes that see through the lies” that the NY Times handed him (during the ’04 campaign, the Times asked ad agencies to come up with posters and slogans for the announced candidates).


  3. Greg says:

    Very nice interview Warren.

    I wish you would have added “ideology” to your last answer. You could say, while pointing at your own “The 2 eyes, ignorance and ideology”


  4. Stefanos says:

    Re: Why do you guess is MMT not more broadly embraced, followed and applied?

    I would add: using language the way it was used in this interview-the addiction of economists to their argot, rather than taking the trouble to explain it in lay terms. No one but a very well informed person could wade through it. Crisp but impenetrable.


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