2009-04-23 USER

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Initial Jobless Claims (Apr 18)

Survey 640K
Actual 640K
Prior 610K
Revised 613K


Continuing Claims (Apr 11)

Survey 6120K
Actual 6137K
Prior 6022K
Revised 6044K


Jobless Claims ALLX (Apr 18)


RPX Composite 28dy YoY (Feb)

Survey n/a
Actual -22.27%
Prior -23.03%
Revised n/a


RPX Composite 28dy Index (Feb)

Survey n/a
Actual 186.56
Prior 186.39
Revised n/a


Existing Home Sales (Mar)

Survey 4.65M
Actual 4.57M
Prior 4.72M
Revised 4.71M


Existing Home Sales MoM (Mar)

Survey -1.5%
Actual -3.0%
Prior 5.1%
Revised 4.9%


Existing Home Sales YoY (Mar)

Survey n/a
Actual -7.1%
Prior -4.8%
Revised n/a


Existing Home Sales Inventory (Mar)

Survey n/a
Actual 3.737
Prior 3.798
Revised n/a


Existing Home Sales ALLX 1 (Mar)


Existing Home Sales ALLX 2 (Mar)


Existing Home Sales TABLE 1 (Mar)


Existing Home Sales TABLE 2 (Mar)


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2 Responses to 2009-04-23 USER

  1. Dave Begotka says:

    Dude, anybody who knows anything knows that NASA is just a cover-up for shady stuff, (Google DUMB’s) private companies have done more with nothing!

    Furthermore aliens have supplied our leaders with technology that makes NASA look like they are still using candles to compete with nukes!

    The biggest hang up is what to do with all of the monkeys controlled with religion, they might freak when they find out we are a highbred slave race.

    Go on Youtube and watch Edgar Mitchell, you know the NASA DUDE!



    The Human MONKEY will always try and hold info from others for profit and fame!

    Warren don’t make no flying MT900, it would be a waste!


  2. dissenting comments encouraged says:

    Warren, we have so many unemployed people, and NASA is complaining the space program is about to go BUST. Instead of more mcmansions and hummers, and mt900 supercars, how about an mt90000 space rocket?

    Why don’t you call some of your friends and tell them lets put some of this idle capacity going towards moon bases and mars missions, we don’t want to be wiped out like the dinosaurs.


    The Guardian is reporting that NASA is quietly revising its internal estimates of a 2018 launch for its Ares V rocket. Although publicly the date given for the launch was 2020, the internal launch date was set for 2018. The shift in dates seems to be linked to ‘growing budget woes,’ and ‘engineers say that means the public 2020 date to send humans back to the moon is in deepening trouble.’ NASA administrator Mike Griffin blamed the White House, and the previous Bush administration, saying funding for Ares V and other projects fell from $4bn through 2015 to just $500m. ‘This was to be allocated to early work on the Ares V heavy-lifter, and the Altair lunar lander. With only a half-billion dollars now available, this work cannot be done.'”


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