Obama sends 17,000 troops to Afghanistan

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One more thing his anti war supports told me was just pre-election talk that’s actually happening.

Feels more like the Carter administration every day.

Obama Sends 17,000 Additional Soldiers to Afghanistan

by Edwin Chen and Roger Runningen

Feb 17 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama signed an order boosting U.S. troop strength in Afghanistan by 17,000 combat and support personnel.

Obama said in a statement that he approved a request for the additional soldiers and Marines made by Defense Secretary Robert Gates and military commanders.

“This increase is necessary to stabilize a deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, which has not received the strategic attention, direction and resources it urgently requires,” Obama said in the statement released by the White House.

Pentagon officials were informed of the decision yesterday, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said in Denver, where Obama signed legislation providing $787 billion in tax cuts and spending to stimulate the economy.

The announcement marks the new president’s first significant decision on defense as he seeks to fulfill his campaign promise to shift the focus away from Iraq to Afghanistan as the central front on the battle against terrorists.