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Why the public sector is not overpaid

The rhetoric is that the public sector is overpaid relative to the private sector. Ok, they don’t adjust for education and probably a few other things, but it all still misses the point. Back when I was a kid in Ct. the 50’s, I recall the private sector jobs paying a lot ...Read More

Why public sector workers should not have actual bargaining power

Government, desirous of provisioning itself, does it as follows: 1. It imposes nominal tax liabilities payable in it’s currency of issue. 2. This serves to create a population desirous of obtaining the funds needed to pay the tax. 3. The real tax is then paid as government transfers real resources from private ...Read More

Obama for or against unions?

[Skip to the end] Didn’t we just hear a speech from our President about the need to strengthen unions? White House to set GM, Chrysler deadlines: report Mar 27 (Reuters) — The Obama administration will set a strict deadline for General Motors Corp and Chrysler LLC to reach cost-cutting deals with creditors ...Read More