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Saudi Uneasy With High Oil Price, Worried About Economy

Could be just talk or a prelude to a price cut. No way to tell in advance- it’s a political decision on their part. And it’s not illegal for them to place their personal and state bets first, and then cut price. And it’s not illegal for them to cut any kind ...Read More


As discussed, what they actually do is set price for their refiners and then let them buy as much as they want at that price. They use ‘speculation’ and the like for ‘cover’ for raising and lowering their prices. SAUDI ARABIA HAS CUT OIL PRODUCTION BACK TO APPROXIMATELY 8.5 MLN BPD ON ...Read More

Comments from the Algeria Oil Minister

DJ Algeria Oil Min:Increasingly Hard To Understand Market Dynamics Agreed! DJ Algeria Oil Min:Oil Markets Increasingly Respond To Financial Speculation Agreed! The funds involved in commodity speculation dwarf the funds involved in the physical markets DJ Algeria Oil Min:Market Volatility Makes Energy Investment Difficult Agreed! The risk of a price collapse is ...Read More