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Naimi Says Saudi Arabia, Gulf States Seeking Stable Oil Prices

This reads a lot like the Saudis have about run out of excess capacity? Naimi Says Saudi Arabia, Gulf States Seeking Stable Oil Prices By Deema Almashabi and Glen Carey October 9 (Bloomberg) — Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest exporter of crude oil, will help meet demand “fully” and will work with ...Read More

Saudi crude pricing

Setting price and letting quantity adjust: Daily Oil Note: OSPs a Critical Piece in the Supply Puzzle A key source of market uncertainty is how much oil Saudi Arabia will produce and export over the next few months. We see reports that Saudi Aramco recently offered additional cargoes to term buyers, but ...Read More

Alwaleed: Saudis Seek Oil Price of $70-$80

This is the second time he’s said this in the last couple of weeks. If he’s right about the Saudis wanting that price, that’s where the price will go. Alwaleed: Saudis Seek Oil Price of $70-$80 May 29 (CNBC) —Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said an oil price of $70 to $80 a ...Read More

Saudi price setting

Yes, they use the specs for cover and get away with it They announce their posted prices will be a spread off of ‘market prices’ And then raise their posted prices lock step with higher prices from specs. If instead the simply left their posted prices alone the price would quickly come ...Read More

Beware of ‘Debt Bomb’ and $70-$80 crude : Prince Alwaleed

So how would the fact that even the world’s largest investors don’t even begin to understand the monetary system fit into the various theories about markets efficiently allocating capital, etc? And note that he also did just say on CNBC the Saudi’s objective is $70-80 for crude. So even though he’s probably ...Read More

Saudi Arabia Worried About Speculators’ Interest in Oil

Is this a signal for lower prices? Or just talk to disguise the fact that they are the price setters? Trying to figure out what they are going to do next is much like Fed watching. Saudi Arabia Worried About Speculators’ Interest in Oil By Jackie DeAngelis May 19 (CNBC) — Saudi ...Read More

Bullish Funds Slash Commodity Bets by $17 Billion

And the question is, who did they sell to? Yes, with futures and forwards for every long there is a short, but that doesn’t mean the short is a speculator. It is more likely that there is a long inventory position, directly or indirectly, behind most short futures positions. So the short ...Read More

Saudi oil production, Donald Trump, and President Obama

The Saudis operate by posting prices for their refiners and then filling all orders at their posted prices. It looks like the spike in demand for Saudi crude due to Libya has pretty much passed, and Libya is not back to full production. So look for Saudi production to fall further when ...Read More

Saudi Uneasy With High Oil Price, Worried About Economy

Could be just talk or a prelude to a price cut. No way to tell in advance- it’s a political decision on their part. And it’s not illegal for them to place their personal and state bets first, and then cut price. And it’s not illegal for them to cut any kind ...Read More

Comments from the Algeria Oil Minister

DJ Algeria Oil Min:Increasingly Hard To Understand Market Dynamics Agreed! DJ Algeria Oil Min:Oil Markets Increasingly Respond To Financial Speculation Agreed! The funds involved in commodity speculation dwarf the funds involved in the physical markets DJ Algeria Oil Min:Market Volatility Makes Energy Investment Difficult Agreed! The risk of a price collapse is ...Read More