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Senator Richard Blumenthal- not so innocent subversion

I spoke with Senator Blumenthal for several hours on MMT just over a year ago, before he was elected Senator. He read my book and asked the right questions. He knows imports are real benefits, exports real costs. He knows the trade deficit is a good thing for America. He knows that ...Read More

Debt ceiling dynamics

My best guess is there will be little or no fight over the debt ceiling extension. I think the President will agree to pretty much whatever the Republicans want, and get more than enough Democrats to join him. Best I can tell, the entire Congress agrees the deficit is a long term ...Read More

Latest Press Release

Warren Mosler Applauds the Senate for Passing Urgently Needed State Funding and Urges the House to do Same Independent candidate for Christopher Dodd’s CT Senate seat and economist specializing in monetary operations urges swift passage of aid to avoid job losses and fiscal distress Waterbury, CT – August 5, 2010 – Warren ...Read More


Please comment: We Can Have Low Priced Imports and Good Jobs for All Americans ...Read More

My alternative proposal on trade with China

We can have BOTH low priced imports AND good jobs for all Americans Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has urged US Treasury Secretary Geithner to take legal action to force China to let its currency appreciate. As stated by Blumenthal: “By stifling its currency, China is stifling our economy and stealing our jobs. ...Read More

Richard Blumenthal on Obama’s speech

[Skip to the end] I respectfully do not agree with his prescription to ‘protect our economic future.’ “I welcome the President’s acknowledgement of the economic pain felt widely and deeply and look forward to reviewing his plans to help middle class Americans, who are still hurting economically. We must enable Americans to ...Read More