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Surging U.S. Savings Rate Reduces Dependence on China

[Skip to the end] This gets more ridiculous by the hour. The dependence on China already was zero. And, as in my previous post, the high savings rate of the non government sector comes dollar for dollar from the deficit and is not necessarily indicative of low spending. If it were, that ...Read More

Redefining full employment

[Skip to the end] Not good. As suspected way back on this website: ‘Great Recession’ Will Redefine Full Employment as Jobs Vanish ...Read More

Summers says Obama to address mortgage payments

[Skip to the end] But not a full payroll tax holiday to stop removing $230 billion a week of income. From people and businesses struggling to meet their payments? Summers Says Obama Mortgage Plan to Focus on Lowering Payments by Rich Miller and Matthew Benjamin Feb 14 (Bloomberg) — The White House ...Read More

Fed swap lines

[Skip to the end] Recession’s Grip Forces U.S. to Flood World With More Dollars By Rich Miller Nov. 24 (Bloomberg) — The world needs more dollars. The United States is preparing to provide them. In an all-out assault on capitalism’s worst crisis since the Great Depression, the U.S. is taking on the ...Read More