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Latest Saudi production

Saudi Oil Production Looks like even at current prices and with a relatively weak economy demand is holding up. Tells me they probably keep hiking prices and spending the proceeds. ...Read More

Saudi Oil Production firm at current prices

Saudi Oil Production Even with crude prices now well over $100 there’s no sign of demand for Saudi crude falling off. I expect they will continue to act as swing producer, setting price and letting quantity adjust, until a large enough supply response forces their production down below 7 million bpd. ...Read More

Saudi production

Saudis are selling more oil at the higher prices, as they continue to function as swing producer, setting prices and letting quantity adjust. ♥ ...Read More

Saudi production up to 9.2 mbpd

Opec reported Saudi production was up to 9.2 million bpd. This means demand has increased at the current posted prices probably making further price hikes are more likely than not. Bloomberg should have updated production numbers around February 5 for confirmation. ♥ ...Read More

Saudi production up a tad

Saudi production increased marginally for January, and all indications are net demand is holding up at the higher prices. While this bodes for continued price hikes, markets may have likely sold off on the news, believing the higher production is a sign of a proactive supply increase that will drive prices down. ...Read More