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7 more weeks until Nov 2

The election is November 2. All contributions I receive are used to promote my message above and beyond what I was going to spend anyway. And, in a recent development, the actual number of people donating is suddenly a criteria to get into the televised debates. For that purpose a $25 donation ...Read More


He’s Got My Vote Yesterday I was driving into New York City for a couple of meetings, and I heard an old friend from the business being interviewed by Kathleen Hays on Bloomberg Radio. I was amazed that Warren Mosler is running for Chris Dodd’s seat in the US Senate. I thought ...Read More

Latest Press Release

Warren Mosler Applauds the Senate for Passing Urgently Needed State Funding and Urges the House to do Same Independent candidate for Christopher Dodd’s CT Senate seat and economist specializing in monetary operations urges swift passage of aid to avoid job losses and fiscal distress Waterbury, CT – August 5, 2010 – Warren ...Read More

courant coverage

Independent candidates for U.S. Senate, Warren Mosler, left, and John Mertens, second from left, talk with Republican candidates Rob Simmons, second from right, and Peter Schiff, right, following a debate at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., Tuesday, July 27, 2010. (Jessica Hill, Associated Press / July 27, 2010) ...Read More

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Watch the latest business video at ...Read More