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Ottawa Conference

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Warren’s latest presentation

Attached is a copy of a presentation that Warren delivered yesterday in Montreal. We were extremely well received and Warren was a huge hit, mixing a concoction of high dose monetary economic realities with real life experiences and anecdotes from his long and lustrous career as a market wizard. The presentation was ...Read More

MMT presentation in Ireland

MMT Conference MMT will inform a number of economic policies to be presented and debated in a conference entitled “Lessons from the Crisis: Money, Taxes and Saving in a Changing World” co-hosted by Smart Taxes, (Fiscal Policy for Sustainability Network) and TASC (Think Tank for Action on Social Change) on the 9th ...Read More

Galbraith on federal debt sustainability

Is The Federal Debt Unsustainable? By Professor James K. Galbraith Excerpt A more prosaic problem with the runaway-inflation scenario is that the “nonpartisan, professional” economic forecasters of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), whose work is often cited as the benchmark proof of an “unsustainable path,” do not expect it to happen. The ...Read More

The other Warren (Buffet) gets MMT?

Waiting for the day when he adds: ‘There for federal taxes function to regulate aggregate demand, and not to raise revenue per se.’ Warren Buffett: Failure to Raise Debt Limit Would Be ‘Most Asinine Act’ Ever By Congress By Alex Crippen April 30 (CNBC) — Warren Buffett says if Congress fails to ...Read More

MBA’s index of loan requests for home purchases tumbled 13.6 percent

This is disturbing, along with still weak housing price indicators, and the ongoing downward revisions to GDP forecasts, as aggregate demand remains under international attack on all fronts. On the govt side, China is cutting demand to fight inflation, with India and Brazil presumed to be doing same. Austerity measures continue to ...Read More

Euro-Area Debt Reaches Record 85.1% of GDP as Crisis Festers

It’s hard to say from the headlines whether proactive deficit reduction measures are slowing the economies to the point where the slowing is causing their deficits to increase. However, if that is the case, continuing their deficit reduction efforts will only make things worse, to the point of forcing social upheaval. And ...Read More

MMT’s Professor L. Randall Wray makes the NY Times!

Ignore the Raters By L. Randall Wray April 18 (NYT) L. Randall Wray is a professor of economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a senior scholar at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College. He is the author of“Understanding Modern Money,” and blogs at New Economic Perspectives. In what appears ...Read More

World Finance Chiefs Chastise US on Budget Gap

So with the entire world completely wrong, but nonetheless in charge, seems a reasonable bet to assume weak demand and a too wide output gap/too high unemployment will continue indefinitely? That is, fear of looming national solvency crisis (becoming the next Greece) is causing the world to go, at best, the way ...Read More

Sen. John Kerry- read my book and lose the long face

MMT to Senator Kerry- Read ‘The 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy’, Lose the long face, and save us from ourselves. Taxes function to regulate the economy, not to bring in dollars to spend The idea that US- the actual issuer of its own currency, can be the next Greece- a ...Read More