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Real Fiscal Responsibility Today Radio and TV Show pilots

The Real Fiscal Responsibility Talk Show Pilot Project This project is for everyone tired of hearing economic commentary from those who got everything wrong. For decades the the doctrine of “Fiscal Responsibility” interpreted as long-term deficit reduction and Government austerity has had a secure place in American politics. The three of us ...Read More

Bulgaria fyi

MMT Round Table in Bulgaria ...Read More

MEMMT activist tour June 10-23

Full size image Google Translate: Paul Barnard and Warren Mosler meet the activists of local groups on a tour that will begin on June 10 in Montalto Uffugo (Cosenza) and will end on 22 June in Cant (Como). In this route there will be public meetings of which we will detail shortly. ...Read More

Mosler/Murphy ‘debate’

Details to follow. ...Read More

Turkish Fin Min tweet on mmt

Maybe go visit for Thanksgiving? ;) Link ...Read More

Go Ryan!

BULGARIA and modern monetary theory (MMT) The purpose of this blog is to introduce and educate Bulgarian citizens with Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), which explained how knowledgeable and capable government can achieve permanent full employment and stable prices. ...Read More


Congrats to Paolo Barnard who has published this manifesto based on the principles in ‘Soft Currency Economics’ and what is now known as MMT! Wish I could read Italian! NON ERAVAMO I PIIGS. TORNEREMO ITALIA ...Read More

MMT in Forbes

More MMT moving up to the big time. Maybe, of course, because it gives Republicans a basis to attack Clinton. Did Bill Clinton’s Budgets Really Destroy the American Economy? By Karl Whelan ...Read More

MMT in Italy

Translation: The national launching of the book by W. Mosler – The Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds MI – Feast of the Southern Italians (Meriondalisti italiani) MMT Democracy Modern Monetary Theory To build an economy that saves lives, saves the state, and saves democracy A state with sovereign money, legitimized by the citizens, ...Read More

Mike Norman MMT video

You’re the best!! Still laughing!!! ...Read More