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Mike Norman Economics: General theory and special cases in Modern Monetary Theory

General theory and special cases in Modern Monetary Theory ...Read More

We WON!!! MMT got everything right…EVERYTHING!!!

We WON!!! MMT got everything right…EVERYTHING!!! ...Read More

Juncker on the euro crisis

Juncker has to know better than this, he can’t be that sheltered? From Mike Norman’s blog “The debt level of the USA is disastrous,” Mr. Juncker said. “The real problem is that no one can explain well why the euro zone is in the epicenter of a global financial challenge at a ...Read More

Mike Norman!

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Mike Norman on Kotlikoff’s fear mongering

Wish I could do it this well! Well worth your 6 minutes. Please distribute! ...Read More

Mike Norman on Fox

Very well done by Mike Norman who’s on this email list. This video makes it all the more obvious that Fox is on a propaganda mission, at best to support ratings, at worst to be subversive, rather than engaging with Mike on the facts. You tube link: Mike Norman on Fox ...Read More

Interview with Mike Norman

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The stupidity of this statement: “Huge supply coming…”

[Skip to the end] Mike Norman Economics The stupidity of this comment: “Bond market facing huge supply.” Week after week after week, you hear these TV commentators or other “know-nothing” economists and analysts talk about the “huge supply” of new Treasuries that is coming and how that is going to cause interest ...Read More

Obama at All Star Game: “We’re out of money”

[Skip to the end] Agreed And worse, it may mean we don’t get a decent health care program but continue with what we have that is driving doctors and other practitioners out of the field in droves. With 10% unemployment we can afford just about anything and everything before we run out ...Read More

Trading adds nothing to the real economy

[Skip to the end] Darn, you’re good!!! Going on my blog. Part of what it does is transfer funds from pension funds and the like to Goldman employees which adds some to aggregate demand. What a way to run an economy! :( Mike Norman Economics Goldman profit soars on strong trading gains ...Read More