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Barker Says BOE Should Print Money

[Skip to the end] And yet another central banker who doesn’t understand monetary operations… Has to be a new low for the BOE. Barker Says BOE Should Print Money as U.K. Recession Worsens by Jennifer Ryan and Brian Swint Mar 13 (Bloomberg) — Bank of England policy maker Kate Barker said the ...Read More

EU Finance Chiefs Rebuff US Calls to Boost Economic Stimulus

[Skip to the end] Yes! Europe Snubs US Calls for More Stimulus Before G-20 by Jennifer Ryan and Agnes Lovasz Mar 10 (Bloomberg) — European finance ministers rejected calls from the U.S. to do more to battle the economic crisis, saying stimulus plans already in place need time to work. “Recent American ...Read More

UK budget deficit to the rescue

[Skip to the end] The combination of ‘automatic stabilizers’ and proactive fiscal will reverse the downturn in the UK. Unfortunately they waited too long for the proactive adjustment so they are suffering with the forces that drive the automatic stabilizers- Falling revenues and rising transfer payments: U.K. Budget Deficit Widens as Recession ...Read More

U.K. mortgage approvals drop to least since 1999

U.K. Mortgage Approvals Drop to Least Since 1999 By Jennifer Ryan (Bloomberg) U.K. mortgage approvals dropped in December to the lowest in at least nine years, and consumer credit fell, threatening the outlook for economic growth. Lenders granted 73,000 loans for house purchase, down from 81,000 in November and the least since ...Read More