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Galbraith on federal debt sustainability

Is The Federal Debt Unsustainable? By Professor James K. Galbraith Excerpt A more prosaic problem with the runaway-inflation scenario is that the “nonpartisan, professional” economic forecasters of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), whose work is often cited as the benchmark proof of an “unsustainable path,” do not expect it to happen. The ...Read More

Galbraith on what can be done

[Skip to the end] Old Mistakes Die Hard As part of the Roosevelt Institute’s 10-part series on the Jobs Crisis, running on the New Deal 2.0 blog from Nov. 12-25, I was asked to reflect on what can be done to get Americans working again. Here’s my take. I’m tempted to say ...Read More

Galbraith video

[Skip to the end] In Every Way a Good Thing”: The Upside of Soaring Federal Budget Deficits by Aaron Task With the federal budget deficits expected to exceed $1.8 trillion this fiscal year and borrowing expected to top $9.3 trillion over the next decade, it’s no wonder many policymakers, politicians, economists and ...Read More

America’s Triple A Rating at Risk

[Skip to the end] He’s public enemy #1 and senior spokesman for all the deficit terrorists. He’s also an intellectually dishonest, paid propagandist. I’ve got the recording posted on my website from the Mike Norman show where he agrees government solvency is not a risk. If anyone has his email address feel ...Read More

Reuters: Obama says bailout may delay other programs

[Skip to the end] (email to J. Galbraith – one of Obama’s economic advisers) Hi, The ‘bailout’ adds nothing to aggregate demand and should not be a factor regarding other spending initiatives. Any chance you can straighten him out on this? Warren Obama: Wall St bailout may delay spending programs by Steve ...Read More

Professor James Galbraith on Obama economics team

[Skip to the end] More on Obamanomincs: It was announced Professor James Galbraith was on the new list of economic advisers. He knows that government spending is not revenue constrained. He knows solvency is not an issue for the government. He knows the ‘pay-go’ notion is flawed and works against our standard ...Read More