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Clinton Urges China to Keep Buying U.S. Treasury Securities

[Skip to the end] We don’t need China or anyone else to buy our securities to finance our stimulus plan. And acting like we do and going on the defensive like this is radically counterproductive at best. And isn’t she pledged on record to helping US jobs rather than increasing exports? Yet ...Read More

Clinton thanks China for buying US Treasury Securities

[Skip to the end] US, China Agree to Broaden Strategic Dialogue, Clinton Says by Indira A.R. Lakshmanan and Eugene Tang Feb 22 (Bloomberg) — Clinton thanked China for its continued purchases of U.S. Treasury notes, demand for which is needed to pay for Obama’s $787 billion stimulus plan. No it isn’t. It ...Read More

Clinton trying to get Asians to increase demand

[Skip to the end] A once in a lifetime opportunity to increase the US standard of living squandered. Increasing domestic demand unilaterally and letting the rest of the world grow via net exports to the US is in our best interest. Clinton begins Asia trip, calls for Global Economic Cooperation by Indira ...Read More