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Crude Oil Falls on Demand Concerns After IEA Lowers Forecast –

[Skip to the end] I’m not sure it falls from end of Q1 levels as I see that as the low point of US GDP and motor fuel consumption for this cycle. This is another example of forecasters not looking to the federal deficits as the drivers of the world economy. And ...Read More

World crude oil demand

[Skip to the end] This small drop in demand does not dislodge the Saudis from resuming their role as swing producer and price setter when the Masters Inventory Liquidation that began in July has run its course and excess inventories are eliminated: World oil demand to shrink sharply this year: IEA by ...Read More

Crude oil demand revised up

This means Saudis/Russians will continue to be price setters for at least the next few quarters. IEA Lifts 2008 World Oil Demand Growth Forecast By Reuters | 14 Dec 2007 | 05:32 AM ET World oil demand will grow more quickly than expected next year fueled by the Middle East and proving ...Read More