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Paulson Plan

[Skip to the end] Let’s also remember that with a 30% corporate income tax, for example, government functionally owns 30% of all the corporate equity, listed and unlisted, large or small, etc. And if it wants more, for example, it can raise the tax. This is the ‘direct pipe’ and it can’t ...Read More

Wednesday beginning on the weak side

[Skip to the end] Could be a very tough three days coming. Yesterday probably used up all the Paulson plan rally exuberance. Yesterday could have been the first leg of a classic buy the rumor/sell the news event. The package has been sold by threats of ‘grave risks’. Now the risk is ...Read More

Reinhart got it right

[Skip to the end] I hadn’t noticed this back then, but Vince got it right: The Fed purchased the $30 billion of securities from JPM/Bear Stearns, with JPM agreeing that if there were any net losses it would be responsible for the first $1 billion. It’s very odd that the Fed would ...Read More